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At Accident Chiropractic, our doctors understand the difficulties facing patients following an auto accident. After an auto accident patients can experience a long list of problems. Patients come to our office with complaints of NECK PAIN ,BACK PAIN, HEADACHES, DIZZINESS ,NUMBNESS & TINGLING into the arms or legs in addition to RINGING IN THE EARS, DIFFICULTY CONCENTRATING,LOSS OF BALANCE and DIFFICULTY SLEEPING.

The Doctors at Accident Chiropractic have a variety of techniques to help you, our patient, GET OUT OF PAIN QUICKLY and GET BACK TO LIFE. We understand that getting our patients out of pain quickly is important but it is MORE IMPORTANT to have our patients heal STRONG so that the pain and problems do not return at a later date.The Doctors of Accident Chiropractic will spend a lot of time and energy with you on your first visit to understand all of your injuries and complaints. The doctors will then establish the best treatment plan to get you OUT OF PAIN and BACK TO LIFE as soon as possible. The Doctors of Accident Chiropractic have over 25 years of experience caring for whiplash/ auto accident injuries. You can trust them to care for YOU just as they would care for anyone of their family! CALL NOW if you are in pain ,having difficulties due to an Auto Accident ! 


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