Emergency Services

Your 24-Hour Emergency Services Chiropractor in Phoenix, AZ

If you experience a chiropractic emergency, give Accident Chiropractic a call. We offer same-day appointments, so we can quickly treat you and relieve your pain. When an old injury flares up or something feels "not right" with your body, we can help you get realigned and back to optimum health.

Don't wait until your emergency keeps you in too much pain to function. Take advantage of our emergency services. Our emergency services chiropractor in Phoenix, AZ can relieve your pain and return your mobility.

We Provide Free Transportation

Whether your car is too damaged to drive after a car accident or you are in too much pain to drive, we can take care of transportation. We partner with transportation companies to provide free vehicles that pick you up, wait for you during your appointment, and drop you off at home.

We Can Help with Fees

If your chiropractic emergency happened because of someone else's actions, we will bill the at-fault person's insurance provider for your treatment. We don't require you to have health insurance to pay for needed chiropractic services. This means you experience no out of pocket costs.

If you have an attorney helping you work out your compensation, we will cooperate with your lawyer's requests. Simply give us your attorney's contact information, and we'll send the bills to your attorney. If you don't have an attorney, and you need one, we'll supply you with attorney referrals.

Don't wait-dial 623-846-HELP (4357), for an experienced emergency services chiropractor and we'll connect you with the location nearest you.


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